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Ian Murray, author of adventure thrillers Legends of the Black Orchid and The Final Doctrine, captivates readers with his stories of the elusive London-based intelligence agency known as the Black Orchid. Bringing many of his own life experiences to the written page, Murray creates tales of deception and intrigue, combining multi-level storylines with actual people and world events. 









Legends of the Black Orchid

When two college friends find themselves on opposite sides of an impending war, their loyalty is tested at every turn. The story that unfolds, based on real people and actual events, follows the journey of Thomas "Tiggy" McStuart and Hans von Gotha as they face the horrors and challenges of the First World War, and are later reunited in a way neither thought possible. Unknowingly working amongst members of a secret society formed by the royal families of Europe, Hans and Tiggy find themselves caught up in a series of conflicts and adventures as they struggle to preserve peace in Europe prior to the Second World War.  





The Final Doctrine

The Final Doctrine follows special ops Commander Trent McStuart as he travels from Southeast Asia to London carrying a secret microfilm that holds the key to radical Islam's hundred year plan of world dominance. Set in the mid-1960's, the story uncovers the origin of the Islamic plot to take over western civilization.

When British and American governments discover the shocking reality of the plan already in play, they look to the Black Orchid to form a specialized unit to neutralize the threat. As the new team comes together, their first priority becomes clear: Stop one of radical Islam's most potent source of funding; the opium fields of Afghanistan.



The Power Unseen (coming soon...)

The adventures of Team One continue in the sequel to Legends of the Black Orchid...

Germany's invasion of Austria in 1938 creates conflict throughout Europe, and Hitler's unyielding aggression gains the attention of a powerful group of American bankers and industrialists seeking to change the balance of world power. Determined to quell the ongoing threat of the Nazi regime, they develop a plan for U.S. entry into the war as members of the Black Orchid work with Heads of State to infiltrate the upper ranks of the Third Reich's secret service. The story that unfolds outlines the actual events leading up to the attack at Pearl Harbor and America's official entry into the Second World War.

The Power Unseen exposes the true forces behind the scenes of World War II in Europe and uncovers facts and events never before revealed...




**A portion of the profits generated from the sale of Ian Murray's books will go to support the Fisher House.  Please visit their website at: http://www.fisherhouse.org 


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