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Author of adventure thrillers Legends of the Black OrchidThe Final Doctrine and his latest in the series, The Power Unseen, Ian Murray captivates readers with stories of the elusive London-based intelligence agency known as the Black Orchid.

Bringing many of his own life experiences to the written page, Murray creates tales of deception and intrigue, combining multi-level storylines with actual people and events. 










The Power Unseen  

The adventures of the Black Orchid’s Team One continue in the sequel to Legends of the Black Orchid…

In 1938, the aggressive rise of the Third Reich is not at all welcomed, especially by those who are well aware of the drastic effects of the last war in Europe. Determined to quell the ongoing threat of Hitler’s Nazi regime, a powerful group of American bankers and industrialists develop a plan to assist Great Britain and its allies while at the same time protecting America’s own interests.

Joining forces with the United States, members of the London-based Black Orchid build an alliance with Heads of State as they seek to infiltrate the upper ranks of the Abwehr, the Third Reich’s secret service. The struggle for power and control that ensues results in a string of treachery, betrayal and death as an elaborate plan is developed for US entry into the conflict.

When the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor becomes the unfortunate catalyst for the Second World War, the United States and its allies move to the forefront and the Black Orchid shifts into the next phase of their operation; to stop the enemies’ advances before the world and its economy are damaged beyond recovery.

The Power Unseen exposes the true forces behind the scenes at the start of the Second World War and uncovers facts and events never before revealed…












**A portion of the profits generated from the sale of Ian Murray's books will go to support the Fisher House.  Please visit their website at: http://www.fisherhouse.org 


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